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Eye Screening

We have a commitment to improve the eye health of the lager population, and improve visual efficiency of all and sundry, irrespective of background and affiliations.

Repair & Refurbishing old Spectacles Frames

You need not worry anymore about old spectacles and frames; because such spectacles can be easily repaired, fixed refurbished and even transferred into better frames at an amazingly affordable price.

Installation of Optical Dispensing Unit

Nice Optics specializes in installation of optical dispensing units In private and government established clinics. Interested clinics and hospital management can easily reach Nice Optics for such services.

Sales of all types of Lenses

Lenses remain the most credible and acceptable solution to eye care and optical service globally. Nice Optics credibility is established on long and right experience of outstanding performance in accurate prescriptions of lenses with most current technology of fitting and fixing lenses; with our outstanding team of individuals of reputable, integrity, passion for service and great interest in customer relationship.

Consultancy Services

Professional bodies at seminal, workshops, fora, conferences, retreats and induction can contact Nice Optics for free eye check; Resource persons and consultants can obtains free eye check for her clients and participants through Nice Optics.

Braces & Implants

We use and recommend Invisalign braces for better results of teeth alignment.

Not Sure What You Need?

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